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The senior management of Shui On formulated the Group's Corporate Mission Statement in 1984, stating the fundamental beliefs and values of the Group in its drive towards a corporate culture of quality and excellence.

In 1993, the company introduced Total Quality Management (TQM) requesting staff to implement the following Five Guiding Principles and Three Management Systems.

Five Guiding Principles:-

Customer Focus

In TQM, customer satisfaction is always the first priority. By definition, customers include both internal and external parties, that is, individuals, corporations and colleagues who are in need of services or information. Shui On conducts regular customer surveys to gauge customers' opinions on our products and services to identify areas for further improvement.

Total Involvement

We believe that it is only through total involvement of all staff that "Total Quality" can be achieved. Our employees embrace the same belief and goal to seek improvement and provide quality products and services.

Shui On conducts regular employee opinion surveys to give directions for in-house improvement. Senior managers also keep contact with frontline staff by frequent site visits. Inter-departmental working committees and management conferences are organized to increase communication within each subsidiary company. We also design Service and Quality Excellence Awards to recognize staff and project teams who display outstanding performance in providing quality services every year.

Effective Monitoring and Measurement

To ensure total customer satisfaction, the customer survey result will be reviewed in detail and improvement plans will be formulated.  Face to face interview will also be conducted in order to assess special customer's needs.

Only competent contractor or supplier will be listed in our contractor/supplier list after detail assessment of their past record and financial capability.  External Contractors performance will be monitored closely by means of a regular appraisal report and surprised inspection to ensure a consistent and high level of service is performed.

Internal staff performance will also be appraised on a regular basis to enable capable and competent staff are deployed to respective post.  Shui On emphasize life-long learning and offer opportunity for staff career development.

Systematic Approach to Management

In order to maintain a high service quality standard and performance level, the establishment of a set of clear office manual and operation procedures is inevitable.  Shui On has such that implemented the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, ISO14001:1996 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001:1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management System to enable the systems procedures are properly published and disseminated to all staff for compliance.  Unambiguous and systematic procedures will help minimizing unforeseeable breakdowns and building up emergency preparedness.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement and the search for quality are constantly inter-linked. Shui On continually reviews operation systems and procedures to enhance efficiency. Our staff members, ranging from senior management to frontline staff, are committed to improving themselves and their work.

We put heavy emphasis on enhancing leadership skills and improvement in all levels through training, strengthening knowledge, capabilities and skills of our staff.


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